I cannot move forward cutting back; therefore, I must find a way to move forward.----tONIA yOUBOTY

Glowing in the Sun

  1/01/18 ---- So am writing two thousand eighteen now. Today is my Birthday and Happy, Happy! Birthday to me. I started my day waking up at 5:11am as I la in bed to gather my thoughts. --Shit it is two thousand eighteen, I made it, another year older, beautiful and graceful that's what, I... Continue Reading →

Goat Meat Pepper Soup

Ingredients 10 lbs of Goat meats (with bone in skin on) 8 Individual Habanero Peppers I Head of Garlic Peeled 2 Medium Onions roughly chop 1 Tablespoon salt 1 Big Piece of Ginger (Peeled and Cut) ½ Cup cilantro herd chopped ½ Cup of Green chopped 1Tablespoon of Chicken flavor bouillon ( I used the... Continue Reading →

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