Recharge resolution


3 ½ down, about nine to go I mean in months until this year is at it end. I’m talking about so what do you do or what do I want to do around this time of the year. For me it is signing my kids up for spring activities and upcoming summer club activities but, what about me I had a new year resolution to lose weight, drive safely, water my plants more, get a boyfriend, travel etc. To be honest some of my goals are coming to present. I’m smiling cheek to cheek. As I look at this list of resolutional goals on my bedroom wall right at a spot where my eyes meet it every day; for me I started to think about my living situation right now, my finances needed some adjustment so I did the unthinkable. I clearly sit and I decided to adjust my tax claim exemption number. By now in my financial game am aware how much I need going toward my financial expenses for living month to month. I choose to file a lesser number claim on my taxes; in my case to withhold some of my income from my paycheck around this time of the year. Right now many employers are hiring part-time worker and season worker too plus there are more seasonal jobs to come at the end of the year. Next I can pick up Co- Worker hours as they take summer vacation off from work. My point is around this time of the year is like a second change to a New Year resolution to focus on one thing that can impact a change in my life. I am encouraging myself and others to recharge on that resolution goals, ——Peace


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