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Torborgee Soup.

  Torborgee can be prepare many ways, there are many vegetables selections and various style of Torborgee soup such as, WaterGreens Torborgee, Peppers Torborgee, Torborgee Torborgee, Beans Torborgee, Cassava leaf Torborgee...etc. To my believes every Tribe in Liberia have a special way of cooking Torborgee. Fish and Meats cook in Torborgee can varies. Like I... Continue Reading →

Eddoes Soup “Spider Story”

Eddoes ( Taro Roots ) Soup(The elephant ears plant roots) another way to describe it. The day I got to the supermarket to buy these eddoes to cook in this soup. I saw the sign said Taro roots, that is why am saying taro roots; But between you and me we know it call eddoes.... Continue Reading →

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