Veggies in Season

In these pictures are usual veggies Liberians  prep for meals; As you can see from some of my recipes. You can find most all these veggies  at a local Farmers Market. Here are some ways to persevere veggies  for the up coming winter months: For the Bitter-boy:  I cut it up as seen in the... Continue Reading →


Coffee Chocolate cake

Coffee Chocolate cake Ingredients ½ cup coffee (boiling hot) ½ cup water (boiling hot) 2 tsp vanilla extract ½ cup vegetable oil or butter 1 cup milk 2 eggs 1-1/2 tsp baking powder ¾ cup cocoa powder 1-3/4 all purpose flour 1-3/4 cup sugar Method to begin Now in a large bowl combine all the... Continue Reading →

Torborgee Soup.

  Torborgee can be prepare many ways, there are many vegetables selections and various style of Torborgee soup such as, WaterGreens Torborgee, Peppers Torborgee, Torborgee Torborgee, Beans Torborgee, Cassava leaf Torborgee...etc. To my believes every Tribe in Liberia have a special way of cooking Torborgee. Fish and Meats cook in Torborgee can varies. Like I... Continue Reading →

Eddoes Soup

Eddoes soup ingredient   5 pounds of Eddoes (Taro roots) ½  lbs. of Dry Boney Fish or Dry Fish ½ tsp Salt seasoning salt as desire (get the ones with herbs too.) 1/2 tsp garlic salt 1-2 habaneros peppers (options) ½ Medium chopped onions   This soup is pretty easy to make and it has... Continue Reading →

Easy snack idea for your kid’s tonight

  Tonight consider some different snack idea for your kids. Choose to make some plantain Chips and add your favorite fruits on the side. As your kids and Gust gather over at your home to spend this summer night together. Check out my fry plantain link recipes. As you prep this snack just consider cutting... Continue Reading →

Fry Plantains

Ingredient for Fry Plantains Vegetable oil for frying Salt 4 large green plantain peeled and cut 1/2-inch size In this picture are fry ripe plantains. Liberian serves plantains any time of the day. Lunch, breakfast, dinner etc. One thing I still see even as an adult, is the ways plantains are prep for eating. You... Continue Reading →

Hot Peppers Sauce

  Hot Peppers Sauce Ingredients 2 cups boil Habanero Peppers 1 Onion, medium size 1 Smoke Fish 2 Garlic ½ Teaspoon salt 1Tabblespoon sugar 3 Tablespoon oil The peppers should be about 2 cup in measurement when already boiled, boil peppers for about 15 minutes. Next in a blender place peppers, onion, garlic and take... Continue Reading →

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