My Early Morning rides to St. Paul, Downtown.

My Early Morning rides to St. Paul, Downtown.   It started out in the last few days going in to this month; my car has been acting out; Like a caring and concerning person I am, with experience of dealing with old cars. I took it in for checkup. My choices for transportation lies with... Continue Reading →


Hot Peppers Sauce!

Well if you are from Liberia, am pretty sure you are familiar with the family legend story that “Bassa” (part of the Liberian tribes in Liberia/West Africa) people sold part of their land for “Smoke Fish” as I was preparing this sauce it brought me back to my place of birth. After the 1990 Liberia... Continue Reading →

Cold Girl-selfish, not I “EX”

Cold Girl-selfish, not I “EX” mark the spot, you can also spot the arrow in the “X” in ex now there is the reason to go back to an Ex-lover that took the “X” apart and turn it into “we are never getting back together again.” I am now in a developing relationship and one... Continue Reading →

Measure could be love; and be love!

Looking through the eyes of my daughter as she faces me; I know she sees the rising sunshine burning on my face the day like today. The developing wrinkles on my forehead, the observant eyes, the high cheek bone and my full lips. She sees, looking back at her the eager soul I carry, with... Continue Reading →

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