It’s All Coming Together!

If you are a friend in my circle, you know by now; I am writing and recording music. You are probably wondering why ain't she writing on her blog; and what is taking her so long to share a post and stories? Well here it goes, the stories of my life in the gone few... Continue Reading →

Glowing in the Sun

  1/01/18 ---- So am writing two thousand eighteen now. Today is my Birthday and Happy, Happy! Birthday to me. I started my day waking up at 5:11am as I la in bed to gather my thoughts. --Shit it is two thousand eighteen, I made it, another year older, beautiful and graceful that's what, I... Continue Reading →

“Kala jaw”

Kala! I remember growing up as a kid, one of my cousin named me “Kala jaw” cause of the way my face is naturally made with high wonderful cheek bones that when, I smile it shows more. When you are young and recognize beauty, sometime some kids don’t know how to show positive praises, but... Continue Reading →

I Believe In Positive Changes:)

How do you cure Boredom?….. I DON’T KNOW Is there a way to enrich my live while bore? Some ways to invites boredom and get it out of your lifestyle? Is there a magic formula for boredom? ......To encourage my myself, not to crave this kind of behaviors is my first goal; music, reading calling... Continue Reading →

“Too Ambitious”

The tongue is the most power muscle in the human body; so choose how you are going to use it.  Ask and it shall be given to you. Speak words and meditate on things and situation that I want in my life. The thoughts of fears kill a man like straight bullet Humans are guided... Continue Reading →

Eddoes Soup “Spider Story”

Eddoes ( Taro Roots ) Soup(The elephant ears plant roots) another way to describe it. The day I got to the supermarket to buy these eddoes to cook in this soup. I saw the sign said Taro roots, that is why am saying taro roots; But between you and me we know it call eddoes.... Continue Reading →

All in the tent.

Almost 25 hours without receiving telephone calls, Facebook Notifications, Emailing, Texting etc. I went camping with my kids. Before I made this decision to go camping; I considered their summer away from school interest. Enjoying the bright long daylight of summer, I reflected on a family friendly recreational activities to expand their memories to add... Continue Reading →

First Time Home Buyer Reality

I been thinking about that statement years ago when one of my economics professor stated a reasoning “I am not owning a home! I don’t want a lawn mower.” He related this statement in this way because, he didn’t wanted government to have some control on his property and he illustrated to us as consumers... Continue Reading →

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