When I built up the courage to start my blog, it will start like this. Dear Guest to this place I call blog. I am scare, I am scare to explore my vulnerabilities with you guys. It’s coming from the girl that appears to be reserve in so many eyes. The play it safe Tonia. Well what can I do when I have all this talent to share with people like you, like me and the world. I came to be this story teller; As a way collectively increase my sense to share my talent. You see, I started writing my first book (in progress). I have finally built up the courage to see a publisher; in doubt I was expecting to hear that you need a lot of help before publishing this work. Like any other open-minded person, the subjective measure that goes with this understanding can be scary as well. For me the subjective measure and feedback includes that I got from my editor indicates that I should start a blog to broaden my audience. I looked right in that young lady face and said “I am an introverted person, I don’t want my aunties to be reading all these things about me that am writing out there;” with no time to catch my breath, the lady sitting in front me– potential editor of mine said “most writers are like that.”  as I was sitting there doing my best to convince her about my vulnerabilities to start working on a blog and all the price that come with publishing a book for the time; my time was up; And so I left, gifted to write, and fussing with myself to start a blog. I contemplated with my decisions for two months a half to start this blog, and now I start this journey, here we go world, cheer as we enjoy it together. “Aye Tonia” is a narrative written style blog. Includes lifestyle essentials. Written by Tonia Youboty; currently working on my first book, however I choose to share my life with the world. I don’t have any major award yet for living–LOL. For me I say I am starting here on this delicious blog. You will read some on my thinking out loud stories Journal entry, Recipes with Liberian taste influence. My Essential View on tips to save you and I money; as you know I have a bachelor degree in economics; I will discuss some of that in My Essential view post. I will give credit where it belongs. I will read and research quotes from people who has written words to share with the world. I will think out loud and add my own quotes in the Power Words post. I will listen to people and add their quotes too; not to forget my kids quotes as well. They say the most interest things. In the Play post I will add my personality and the silly whatever that means check it out.  In the Travel post, I have this vision to travel around the world, Africa, Beach front view destination, small lakes, big lakes, backyard, small town, big town, cities, international countries. For now, I am rising kids so, my traveling may be traveling in kid’s room, theater, zoos, farms, up town, down town, backyard, road trips, the parks, old house etc. Just so you know I will share photograph and written words.

I willingly say thank you for visiting my blog come again.





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