It’s All Coming Together!

If you are a friend in my circle, you know by now; I am writing and recording music. You are probably wondering why ain’t she writing on her blog; and what is taking her so long to share a post and stories? Well here it goes, the stories of my life in the gone few months, well I will not tell you everything but, I will tell you I been putting in work with a feeling of overwhelm and a desire for organization to organize my goals and plans and activities I am currently working on. You see, I started this delicious blog Aye Tonia, you been reading, you know what am writing about, any way it no doubt I love writing, seeing the words fill the pages from my intelligent mind, gives me joy. I start to say I have been recording music; pure Liberian organic Koloqua music. I enjoy the challenges that comes with me being in this new avenue. I have conquer my fears, am boldly practicing what am preaching, writing and stepping out of my comfort zone. Furthermore, I like to continues to say in the gone few days and months of the absent of my blog writing. I been working regularly full time job and doing all the extra doubles work shift to catch up with my expenses. “Paying all the people who trusted me to use their services.” I had to pay then in the form of money. I been putting in the work of losing weight, as I will share my experience in future post. As far as my music project goes; Successfully, I recorded two song and I did the videos as well. My first song is call “Koloua” and the second is call “Fine boy;” they are both on YouTube. Search my name, you will find it. I know it does not take almost three months to record a song; being my reasoning not to post on my blog. I tell you from an honest place in my heart I been dealing with organizational skills, kind of like putting it all together, so last night after contemplating in the last two days doing not much but reading “ The Art of Acting” by Stella Alder. I ,motivated myself to do some writing. I started out brainstorming a plan of how I will schedule my daily activities doing the things I like and what I can control to engage in doing the things I love doing, like blogging, writing, and recording music and outing etc. I even wrote a daily schedule. Today of all, I feel so motivated and all I want to do is share it with the world. I say it again as I explore this new journey of artistry of blog writing and recording music; I know I will find my flow to follow my desire… we go am starting right here again.

See you in a few,

Aye Tonia





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