Glowing in the Sun

Ayetonia-Glowing in the sun


1/01/18 —- So am writing two thousand eighteen now. Today is my Birthday and Happy, Happy! Birthday to me. I started my day waking up at 5:11am as I la in bed to gather my thoughts. –Shit it is two thousand eighteen, I made it, another year older, beautiful and graceful that’s what, I will say. I lay in bed thinking about my new year resolution of all the wonderful things I want to accomplish; am too overwhelm, just thinking and creating a beautiful imaginations in my head. I grab my phone to see whats up with the blinking light, I am seeing and reading texts from families and friends. It reads “Happy new year to you and the family”.. and everything else in between. I sit the phone back down and still thinking about my new year resolution goals. When I look at the time again it is 6am. I woke quickly in this heated room of my daughter, making my way right to the window, pressing my face right on the glass window to receive a fresh cold air in my nose, to break the frequent air I have in my surrounding. I am looking outside on this mid dark morning. Pretty stiff with the cold air presence in this January morning. The ground cover in snow, the steam releasing from the pipes as I look at my neighbor house; the bouncing trees branches flowing along with the air as I watch the bear strip of each branches hanging on to each other to receive the cold freezing winter day. I can see the connection in each strip of the tree, interacting, connecting, intertwine and patiently waiting and stiff. Now it is about 7am I get the view of the sun facing the trees with bright orange color. I see myself studying the sun to watch it glow and the trees are becoming more visual glowingly facing the sun still bouncing branches hanging on. A bird or two flies bye as it glows in the sun. we all starts a new year day glowing in the sun.


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