Goat Meat and Cabbage stew


5 lbs of Goat meats (with bone in skin on)

1 Medium head size of Cabbage

2 Green bell Peppers Chopped

3 Individual green onions chopped

6 Individual Habanero Peppers

6 Whole Garlic (Peeled)

2 Tablespoon ginger chopped

3 Tablespoon Oil

½ Teaspoon Curry Powder

½ Tablespoon Salt and Peppers taste and seasoning

1 Teaspoon of chicken flavoring bouillon mixture seasoning

2 Teaspoon Cilantro

3 Tablespoon Tomatoes paste

2 Medium onions chopped

First wash all meats and place in the pot. Now in a blender, blend one medium onion, one tbsp ginger, some herbs of you choice, few garlic and two habaneros. Pour mixture over the meats and mix with some salt and place on high heat on the stove. As the meat start to boil, add more water to cover meat and cook. Cook until meats are tender. Taste meat to check tenderness of meat. Add more water as needed and you might cook meats up to two to three hours for the right tenderness. Make sure you don’t dry out all the liquid in the boiling meats; When the meats are done and tender to your desire set aside.

Start by was washing Cabbage and chop in large sizes. Next also wash and chop the other veggies you are using in this meal. Next heat the oil on high heat add the remaining garlic and ginger let it cook for about one to two minutes; Now add the onions, the green onions and the chopped bell pepper, let it cook again for about 4-5 minutes on medium high heat and add the curry powder, and a little salt and black peppers seasoning.

Next add the tomatoes paste and the habanero pepper whole and continues stirring. ( to control how spicy I want the stew to be. I will mash the individual peppers on the way as I am cooking the stew) notice the tomatoes paste thicken up the veggies. Now add the meat mixture and stir well to mix the tomatoes paste mixture with the meat. Add the seasoning and salt as needed. Cook the stew for about 3 to 5 minutes. Finally add the cabbage. Gently push the cabbage down in the stew with the cooking spoon as you are cooking it in the stew mixture. Start to cook the stew on high heat to get the cabbage cooking. At this point you can add the cilantro herb on the cabbage and a little salt. Lastly cook the goat meat cabbage stew on low heat for thirty minutes. You can serve serve this stew with rice or you can have it just like that. Goat meat and Cabbage for lunch or dinner.

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