Black Rice, Cabbage and Fry Egg

Black Rice, Cabbage and Fry Egg
Black Rice, Cabbage and Fry Egg…


You have to try this recipe to believe it. Today I was looking for something to eat with just few ingredients in my fridge so, I came up with these recipes. I notice I had some black rice in my pantry that I brought couple of weeks ago to try with some of the soups I usually make for dinner.

Black Rice, Cabbage and Fry Egg

For the Rice: I started by prepping the black rice as directed from the package, while the rice were cooking I added a dash of salt and one tablespoon oil to it and allowed it to continue cooking as directed from the package.

For the Cabbage:

1 Small head size of Cabbage

2 whole Garlic

2 Tablespoon Oil

½ Teaspoon Curry Powder

Salt and Peppers taste and seasoning

Start by was washing Cabbage and chop it roughly large size. Next heat the oil on high heat add the two garlic let it fry in the oil for about thirty second follow by adding the cabbage and stir. As the cabbage is cooking add the curry powder and the salt and peppers. Continue to saute cabbage for about 5 to 7 minutes or until desirable texture and set aside.

Finally fry 2 eggs, allow for the yoke to be slightly runny as desire. Now put it all together and serve. A little cooked black rice in the plate, over saute cabbage and top it with the fry eggs Just a few splash of lemon juice goes well with this dish as well…..Enjoy

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