“Kala jaw”

Kala! I remember growing up as a kid, one of my cousin named me “Kala jaw” cause of the way my face is naturally made with high wonderful cheek bones that when, I smile it shows more. When you are young and recognize beauty, sometime some kids don’t know how to show positive praises, but to reiterate demeaning words to their peers. I remember that cousin vividly told me of how my jaw/cheeks look like Kala; she will tell me at her school they serve them giant size Kala for lunch that look like my jaws. That’s her way of describing my appearing jaws and high cheek bone; so “Kala jaw” I was called by her. As I write out this vivid memories from childhood. I also remember living at 2nd Kinkor area in Liberia; somewhere behind the city hall building there were a “Cold Bowl” restaurant, that served giant size Kala for breakfast. My Grandmother will sometimes buy enough Kala to feed everyone living in our home. Those Kala were really big in size, Just eat one of them, drink some water and you will stay full for a long time that day. For me today I am not going to make giant size Kala, just a little something to share with my friends.

You can serve Kala with some pepper sauce. Check out my hot peppers sauce recipes as well.

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