Potatoes Greens Soup

For this soup, this time it was hard for me to get the precise measurement for the sweet potatoes greens. My estimation for the greens is about 4 to 5 bundle of leafy sweet potatoes leaves greens. ( you can substitute for about 5 to 6 leafy spinach bundle greens). Like, I said before Liberian cooking style will teach you some patience. And don’t forget most meats are personal choice, but the goal is to choose the right combo to make your soup delicious. For me I remember growing up that my family barely shopped for Sweet Potatoes greens. My Grandmother did her best; She planted Sweet potatoes leaves right in our backyard in Liberia. Sweet potatoes plant are one of those plant that grow all seasons in Liberia. Rainy season or dry season we always had potatoes leaves in out backyard. I remember my Grandmother will assign my Cousins and I to pick potatoes greens in our backyard. Each one of us had to pick out few bundles and cut it up. I remember most of the time we had potatoes greens soup on Sunday, due to no commerce marketing on Sunday in Liberia.

Sweet Potatoes Greens Soup serve over some parboiled cooked rice.— Enjoy!—ayetonia.com


2 lbs of Beef Short Ribs Cut(with bone in)

1 1/2 lbs Ox Tail

1-2 lbs of Smoke Turkey cut(With bone in skin on)

2Ibs Croaker Fish cut ( Cassava Fish)


5 Bundles of Sweet Potatoes leave Greens(or 3-5 lbs cut sweet potatoes leafy greens or 5 packages of 13oz frozen Spinach Veggies)

5 Garlic’s Chopped

2 Chopped small Onion

6 individual Habanaros Peppers


1 ½ Cup Oil ( Corn Oil or Canola Oil you can use less oil as well)


2 tsp Salt

1Tablespoon of Chicken flavor bouillon ( I used the Knorr brand in this recipes)

1 Tablespoon Mrs Dash Season ( As Desire seasoning of you choice)

Secret ingredients—- 1 Tsp Baking soda

Here is how I did it…. Follow please!

First wash all meats and place in the pot that you will be cooking the entire soup in. Place the fish in a separate bowl. Now in a blender, blend one onion, a piece of ginger, some herbs of you choice, few garlic and two habaneros. Pour mixture over the meats and mix with some salt and place on high heat on the stove. As the meat start to boil, add more water to cover meat and cook. Cook until meats are tender. Taste meat to check tenderness of meat. Add more water as needed and you might cook meats up to two hours for the right tenderness. Make sure you don’t dry up all the liquid in the boiling meats; When the meats are done and tender to your desire set aside. Next season the fish as well and set aside to be fry separately.

If you cannot find fresh herds or ginger, you can use Mrs. Dash seasoning mixture of your choice. Any seasoning of your choice, just be mindful of the salt content and the flavoring you like on your meat. In this recipes, I used fresh herds because I had it on hand. It is OK to use over the counter seasoning.

Make sure you are utilizing your time wisely; as the meats are boiling start prepping the greens. Now as seem in the pictures get the sweet potatoes leaves of it stems and wash to remove all sand and residual off greens. Next chop the Sweet potatoes leafy greens finely; I used a cutting board and a knife. I didn’t had time to practice my cutting skills and I didn’t had a sharp knife. Hint, in Liberia you use your hands and the knife to cut the sweet potatoes leafy greens. This is a skill every Girl-child raise home knows. Now when you are done cutting the greens, cut one onion and the garlic and place on top greens. This shows that you are done and the greens are ready.

Now heat up some Canola oil separately and deep fry the fish, set aside. Be mindful of the fish smell in home. Make sure to open all windows and use odor spray to eliminate the deep fried fish smell.

Finally let put it all together. Now empty the meats out of the pot and place it in a bowl. Place the empty pot on the stove and add the 1 ½ cup oil in the pot to heat it up. Test few onions in the oil to make sure the oil is hot.

As soon as the oil is hot add the rest of the chopped greens, the garlic and onions in the oil, add the baking soda and the rest of the habaneros peppers as well. cover and cook the greens for about five minutes. Make sure you are cooking on high heat at this point. Monitor heat as well so you are not burning the greens. Remove the cover and stir the cooking greens in the pot.

Cover again and cook for another seven minutes. (Hint, the reasoning you add the baking soda to help the greens cook soft and to maintain it green fresh color.) now add the bouillon seasoning, 1tsp salt to the cooking greens. (Add more salt or bouillon for desire taste) Add the boiled meats mixture and the fried fish as well. You can smash the peppers in the soup depending on how hot you like your potatoes greens soup. Now stir to mix all the flavor. Make sure you are stirring carefully to not break up the fish.

At this point you can also add some water, just a little to liquefy the soup depending on how thick it is becoming. Cook the soup on low heat now for about 10 minutes to infuse the flavoring of the soup. You are all done! Serve soup over some parboiled cooked rice.— Enjoy!


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