Easy Pancakes

Easy Pancakes

1 Cup Flour

1Tsp Baking Power

1 Tsp Salt

1Tbsp Sugar

2 Eggs ( Medium size)

½ Cup Milk

1 Tbsp Oil

The best way to remember pancake receipt, just imagine you need one of every ingredient in this receipt. In my house pancakes are on the menu almost every morning. My kids tells me “Can we have pancakes? We like when you make them mommy.” How can I say no to that… so pancakes it is.

Now in a good size bowl to fit all the dry ingredients; combine the flour, the baking soda, the salt and the sugar and mix together. Now mix the eggs, the milk and the oil together and mix separately and add it with the dry ingredients. (you can add more milk depending on how you like your pancakes)

Easy Pancakes--Ayetonia.comNow get the frying pan ready. Place it on the stove on a medium heat; heat up the pan with some oil. The oil should be just enough to cover bottom of the pan, about (1tsbp of oil for each pancake). Cook pancake to be brown on both sides. Make sure to serve hot for best pancake eating experience.

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