Lazy Girl Water-greens Torborsoyea


.This soup is a form of Torborgee soup. One of the main difference is the way I prepped this meal. As you can see, I will explain in the recipes. For this meal I use salmon fish and shrimp. For me I am starting to use basic ingredients I have on hand especially the meats I like and Am also finding ways to cook my traditional Liberian foods with less time in the kitchen cooking. My goal is to present my cooking style as basic and accessible to understand; like I have talked about in most of my recipes. Most Liberian meals have a variety of meats in each soup, that is no secret by now. What I will say is am noticing for me sometimes using less ingredients; I find it adaptable to my cooking style so this works just fine for me. The day I made this soup I believe I was to pick my kids from school with in few hours. and I did not feel like cooking much; so I still manage to cook this traditional Liberian soup is it tasty and to crave for. In this meal I used about 4-5 cups cut water-greens; imagine about a one bundle of water-greens. veggies Right now this leafy greens is in season so check it out at your local farmers market. I found the vendors call it “Asian Spinach”, You can also look at the picture from my post “ Veggies in Season” If you cannot find water-greens veggies in season, get you about three package of frozen spinach the 13 oz size to substitute for water-greens veggies in this soup. You may have to go low on the seasoning because the water-greens carries a slightly bitter taste. Beware if you are cooking this veggies for the first time or if you haven’t cooked it in a while.IMG_0376[1].JPG



4-5 Cups Water-greens( or one bundle Watergreens or 3 packages of 13oz Spinach Veggies)

1 Pound Frozen Salmon Fish

½ Pound Raw Shrimps

½ Cup Torborgee Oil (or Red Palm Oil, if you don’t like oil then less oil will be OK)

½ Cup Water

½ Tsp baking Soda

¼ tsp Country Soda( If you don’t have it just add a ¼ tsp baking soda to the soup)

1 Small Onions cut

3 garlic


one small onion, fresh herds, about 1 Tbsp Dill, basil . What every on hand. 3 count habaneros peppers half juice of a lemon 1 Tbsp bouillon seasoning mixture

½ tsp salt and more as desire ½ seasoning mix as desire

if you cannot find fresh herds you can used Mrs.Dash seasoning mixture  the original blend of your choice. In this recipes I used fresh herd because I had it on hand. It is OK to use over the counter seasoning.

Start cooking!

This will take about one hour the entire process.

First in the blender place the onions, habaneros pepper, the dill, the basil blend with water and set aside. I used these herds because I have then on hand.

Now take the fish out of package as directed from the package and the shrimp place in a baking pan add seasoning of your choice, half squeeze lemon, add the onions mixture from the blender on the fish, in a separate bowl do the same for the shrimp and place in the baking pan. And bake about 20 minutes until fish and shrimp is cook thoroughly. While that is happening place the frozen Water-greens in a pot and add the rest of the onions mixture and the ½ cup of water. As the water-greens veggies begins to boil add the bouillon cube mixture; as to the greens begin to cooked; taste to add seasoning and salt as desire for taste. Continue cooking for about twenty minutes in the cooking process add the bake salmon and shrimp to the greens and stir and allow flavor from the fish and shrimps to transfer in the soup. Taste again and add desirable seasoning as needed. About ten minutes in the cooking process while cooking add the torborgee oil. Cook for about five more minutes. Lastly measure the Baking soda add more for your taste. Now stir in the soup you will see the soup starting to foam, continue stirring to mix the baking soda in the soup and stair fast so the soup is not overflowing from the pot. Now place country soda in a small bowl and add about one tsp of water to dissolve the soda and add it to the soup. Stir and mix the country soda with the soup. Let the soup rest. Now serve the soup with some rice. This soup serve about 5-6 people serving. Simply delicious—ayetonia

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