I Believe In Positive Changes:)


How do you cure Boredom?….. I DON’T KNOW

Is there a way to enrich my live while bore?

Some ways to invites boredom and get it out of your lifestyle?

Is there a magic formula for boredom?

……To encourage my myself, not to crave this kind of behaviors is my first goal; music, reading calling family member will do some tricks. But what if am in a relationship and am still bore personally. I take I should expand my skills to accept this dissatisfaction ennui upon my mindset. Learning these skills and applying it in my everyday life is where my power lies to interact with boredom. Looking at my life on a bigger picture and finding way to enjoy it at all time in the present. Picture this, I start with the facts I can do numbers of things to redirect my behavior patterns of boredom that comes upon me. Fist of all I like to say when it comes I will accept than use there skills that I am going to share on his delicious blog space.

First of all how about just realizing that the excitement in my life are fading and my usual habits are boring me.

I start by developing new skills in my journey for this thing call life. If you don’t know what new things excites you. Start by reading the local newspaper and searching community engagement learning activities in your area. They have tons of community activities and skills to learn and they are pretty reasonable in prices; plus you are learning new skills and meeting people…..So you say this kind of community engagement stuff is not for you. what can you do next? Well turn that community engagement toward you, that right, be the one to teach people and classes of the skills you have.

I take it you can start an organization or join an organization to fix something you want to see change.

You can ever start writing and blogging.

There is always the big questions, I have try and it still not working. I take it you might need to talk to a professional to assess the necessary need for a protestant boredom and still practice there wonderful skills.

When I was writing and thinking about this post. I thought about my life and my doing to live it to the fullest. No regret is my model in life. For me I am in a space right now I am learning to live my life to the fullest to ketch my weakness and do my best to apply understanding and skills to get me through .I don’t want to look back at my life and realize at my most vulnerable time in my life I did nothing about it. So here is it, please enjoy my two cent in this area of life mysteries.

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