Veggies in Season

In these pictures are usual veggies Liberians  prep for meals; As you can see from some of my recipes. You can find most all these veggies  at a local Farmers Market.

Here are some ways to persevere veggies  for the up coming winter months:

For the Bitter-boy:  I cut it up as seen in the picture; wash it, place in a pot next add some salt and a little water and steam for few minutes until bitter-boy look a little soft in texture.

For the Herbaneros Peppers it just needed to be wash and put away.

For the water-greens: I washed the leafy greens and chopped it on a cutting board and place it in a freezer bag.

For the Herds: it was washed place in a blender with olive oil, lemon juice and some water in measurement just a little bit of water and oil to blend herds.


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