Torborgee Soup.



Torborgee can be prepare many ways, there are many vegetables selections and various style of Torborgee soup such as, WaterGreens Torborgee, Peppers Torborgee, Torborgee Torborgee, Beans Torborgee, Cassava leaf Torborgee…etc. To my believes every Tribe in Liberia have a special way of cooking Torborgee. Fish and Meats cook in Torborgee can varies. Like I said before, when it comes to Liberian cooking, most of the meats use and serve in meals are personal preference, but one think I know Liberian like varieties of meats cooked in their meals. For this recipes I choose to simplify the process of cooking Torborgee.  I choose this selections of meats because I like the combination in Torborgee or maybe I am a “peaky eater”; So here is the simple way I can up with.   Be aware the cooking time for this soup could be about 3 hours because of the process of preparation.

All the veggies I use in this recipe can be brought at a local farmer market. And meats from Local African Market Groceries Stores.





5 lbs. of Goat meats (with bone in skin on)

½ lbs. Boney Fish

1 whole Medium size dry Smoke Chicken

2 lbs. of Cow Skin


5 Cups of Bitterboy (Already Steamed)

2 Cups of Kittely (Already steamed)

1 Chopped Small Onion

1-1/2 Cups of Habaneros Peppers (Because Torborgee should be spicy for best tasting of soup.)


2 Cups Palm Oil



2 tsp Salt

2 Tablespoon of Chicken flavor bouillon Seasoning (I used the Knorr brand in this recipes)

1 Tablespoon Mrs. Dash Season (As Desire)


Secret Ingredients:

1 Tsp Baking soda (Add another 1 Tsp Baking Soda if you don’t have country Soda on hand)

1 Tsp country Soda (optional, Country soda is a form of baking soda made naturally and carries some flavoring)


Method to cooking Torborgee:

 First   cut cow skin, chicken, boney fish and goat meats, in a good bite size. Now wash and place in the pot that you will be cooking the entire soup in. Add one tsp salt, seasoning and water. As the meats starting to boil add more water to cover meat and cook.  Keep cooking and taste meat to check tenderness of all meats. One hour in to cooking add the Bitterboy, onions kittely and the habaneros. Add more water as needed. The water should be above the veggies and meats in the pot.

Make sure to add salt (As desire) and one tbsp. of bouillon chicken flavoring seasoning and cook until meats are at the right tenderness.   You might cook it for another one hours – one and a half hour as desire. Beware it is very important that you cook the veggies with the meats. Don’t dry out all the water out of the soup. In this process you are creating flavors; the flavoring from the veggies is transferring in the meats.

Now when the meats are tender as desire. Low the heat or turn the stove off. Take the meats out and place in a separate bowl. Place the Bitterboy and the kittely mixture in a blender and blend just enough to look chucky you can even mash the rest of the veggies in the pot with the back of a cooking spoon. Place the veggies from the blender back in the pot. Add the last one tablespoon of bouillon chicken flavoring seasoning and stir. Furthermore, add the meats and start cooking it again. Add seasoning for taste as desire. Be careful of how mush salt you are adding, the kittely and the bitterboy have a slight bitter taste. So you might think you need to add more salt.

Finally, now it is all coming together the liquid in the soup is starting to evaporate as seem in the picture. Add the Red Torborgee palm oil and low the heat, keeping cooking for about 5 minutes and turn the stove off. Lastly measure 1 Tsp Baking soda add more for your taste and add to the soup and stir in the soup you will see the soup starting to foam, continue stirring and mixing the baking soda in the soup and stir fast so the soup is not overflowing from the pot.  As you will see the reaction from the baking soda. Now place country soda in a small bowl and add about one tsps. of water to dissolve the soda and add it to the soup. Stir and mix the country soda with the soup. Be careful of over spilling again. Let the soup rest. Now serve the soup with some rice. I don’t know which selection of meats you are going to select. I hope you enjoy it.




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  1. Thanks for the educating us on how to prepared this dish, but will want to know some of the health and nutritional benefits.


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