“Too Ambitious”

The tongue is the most power muscle in the human body; so choose how you are going to use it.

 Ask and it shall be given to you.

Speak words and meditate on things and situation that I want in my life.

The thoughts of fears kill a man like straight bullet

Humans are guided by their mind

The power lies with in me.


We all have heard all these beautiful words of truth affirmations and believes of oneself. You get it right, all these powerful things that lies with in an individual to control his or her life; For it happened just few weeks ago as I sit there engaging in a wonderful conversation with a friend. We were talking about life experiences and detailing the way we want our future to be and sharing my desire with this individual. It slips out of my mouth. “I want to be a millionaire” the words I have said to myself for so many months. I am saying it in a conversation and sharing my desire with someone else; for some reasoning I got this weird feeling as if I am “Too Ambitious”, “Self center”, “Doubtful” that my desire will not happen as I am sitting there having this wonderful conversation sharing my desire with someone else. I felt like the little devil angel stood on my shoulders and whisper the uncertain statement in my ears. Next I felt like the person I was having the conversation with was sizing me up, I felt the uncertain again, like that goal was too big to accomplish and here I am again talking about my big dream that I haven’t accomplish yet. My take away as I look at it, my dream and desire will come true; as long as I am progressively working toward it, that will be no problems. As I analyze all this emotions of self-contemplation. I realize how easy it is to speak of negativity and failure, the sob stories for a person to sympathize with us, but yet it is hard to speak desire in my mind to share it and manifest on it. For some reasoning I felt like that (that family member came over me and said come over me “don’t dream big, you need to be a nurse or something.”) I realize it was fear and if I let fear come and take my words and my desire it wins.

At this point in my life I am brave enough to say I have chosen my desire over any negative feeling mindset. I allow them to come and release it. I choose to dream big and do the work that comes along with me dreaming. I will say it again I want to be a millionaire. I want to be a Millionaire. “I am a Millionaire.”



Aye Tonia








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