Eddoes Soup

Eddoes soup ingredient


5 pounds of Eddoes (Taro roots)

½  lbs. of Dry Boney Fish or Dry Fish

½ tsp Salt seasoning salt as desire (get the ones with herbs too.)

1/2 tsp garlic salt

1-2 habaneros peppers (options)

½ Medium chopped onions


This soup is pretty easy to make and it has less ingredients. The boney fish in this recipes was brought at an Africa Market setting. Some Big Supermarket that carry varieties of African foods will carry dry fish and boney fish as well. If you cannot find dry boney fish or dry fish, you don’t need to add it, add a protein meat that has smoky flavoring. You can also use smoke Salmon for substitute in this recipe.


Cooking Method:

First start by washing boney fish with hot water. Now place about 2-3quarts of water on the boney fish in a pot and bring to boil. As the boney is getting ready to boil add a dish of garlic salt and any seasoning mixture to create a broth with the boney that is boiling. Just let the boney boil for about 5-10 minutes and let it rest. As the boney fish is boiling start peeling the eddoes like the way you will peel potatoes and cut it in good size, like cut it in to two to four pieces; as seem in the picture. When you are done peeling the eddoes wash and set aside. Now start with the boney fish. Get it out of the liquid and get the bones out and set aside. The broth should look slightly brown. You can sieve out any extra bones in the broth in a large pan to fit broth liquid (The reasoning for this because some time the boney fish carries sand in it. And with sand being taste in the soup. That is very uncomforting taste in your mouth.)  Place the broth back in the pot. Make sure you wash out the pot if you need to before adding the liquid back iIMG_0280[1]

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n the pot. Now set on the stove add the boney fish and the eddoes and the mince onions and the habanero peppers, add the salt (As desire for taste) and any other seasoning as well. Make sure you add few cups of water as needed to cook the eddoes. The liquid in the pot should be about half to one-inch-high above the eddoes. don’t forget to add more seasoning as needed for you taste desire. Cook eddoes for about 20-30 minutes as you notice the eddo is starting to get soft. Taste to know if you need to add any seasoning. Now start mashing eddoes in the pot with back of cooking spoon. Notice the soup is starting to thicken up, continue the process to your desire of thickness.  The soup should not be running clear, it should be thick, serve the soup. For me I serve it with a little cucumber, salt & pepper on the side, a little crunch on the side I take it you can serve it with a piece of slice bread and butter. After all this is a soup.

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