Eddoes Soup “Spider Story”

Eddoes ( Taro Roots ) Soup(The elephant ears plant roots) another way to describe it.

The day I got to the supermarket to buy these eddoes to cook in this soup. I saw the sign said Taro roots, that is why am saying taro roots; But between you and me we know it call eddoes. So I will leave it like that.

Eddoes soup mostly serve during breakfast hours as much as I remember growing up. Eddoes soup serve on a chili day; it’s like comfort food to me. This simple dish is very good for your inside. I remember my grandmother always told me the story about the  ( Girl who ate the eddoes soup, but lies to her mother that she did not eat the soup, the only way the entire community could prove she ate the eddoes soup when she had to testify with the help of “Black Magic” It happened as she was drowning in the river due to her lying.  she confesses to save her life just moments of her drowning. –I Hope some of my friends can still remember the song to this story (when tha me eat that eddoes, tha eddoes water, water must carry me, alligator must swallow me…fi..fish must bring me back) I like when my Grandmother tells the story then she will illustrated the way the water is swallowing the girl in the story. Up to now I tell my kids these traditional, educational stories to my kids. It calls “Spider Stories” I do my best to tell my kids the best educational traditional stories I still remember. A person may wonder how come I still remember all these traditional stories and things about Liberia. You see, growing up I was always around my Grandmother. When my cousins didn’t volunteer to go places with her; I was the one who will always have ended up going with her places.  Now that I am an adult, I was told when I was a kid I also asked too much questions. I think that was my way of taking in all that wonderful information as it has lead me to have vision to be this story teller.

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