=====Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

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Come to think of it, this blog post was one of the hardest post I had to write so far, as I have been working on this blog. I have a mind set to share with the world and encourage people to get out of their own comfort zone; when am just starting to learn this method to approach life. At time I doubted myself. I was thinking more of my situation, it seems to me that I am procrastinating and am being very slow to get out of my own comfort zone. I could have much to say but am proactivity step out of my comfort zone. For now, to whom it may concern, please let me share my ideas with you as I seek to develop my own reality.

Well…. How does one start to create own reality? That question penetrates my soul, just playing on my mind. Like “Come to Jesus intervention.” I listen, I read, I overhear people talk about it. It sounds so direct, appears easy for those who gets it and appears hard for those that are far from understanding the truth of creating self-reality. What about me; I want to create my own reality? Am pretty sure someone starting to think of their own reality too.

Well here are my approach and guide to create self-reality.

Start out by creating some time to think for yourself, in that beautiful mind you have, above your shoulders. Think about what you want to do with a purpose, anything I mean…

Next start out to write goals down on paper that is your proof you are starting to document your reality. Make sure you document everything you can think of, remember no goals are too big or small to reach, only when you don’t want to reach that small goal that is when you will not achieve it.

Example, I want to date who I always see at the African store. I want to grow herbs in my backyard. I want to travel to a beach destination this year. I want to learn to read Arabia; I want to learn how to read Chinese; I want to host a party this year. I want to make 65% more of my income etc. I want to be a millionaire; I want to teach business skills. I want to go back to school. I want to get marry. I want to have more friends to engage with. I want to be a movie star. I want to be a model… You get my point. Just writer it down, you are telling your mind you are starting to form your reality.

Pick five out of those goals and ask yourself. Ash yourself? What are the resources I already have? You will be surprise. Everything you need is right in your reach, look at signs around you; I am noticing myself all the resource I have with in me. Use the local library, internet, people around you, public services, friends.  Only those who want something will find a values within it.

Now your mind is starting to be aware of it surrounding, write it down again to document your awareness. Journalize what you are doing. (For me I can use my blog as an example) Place your written ideas it in place like your bedroom walls, your wallet, notebook, computer, a place that that is easy to access to read about your progress.

NOW! That you know what is going on in your own reality, start by surrounding yourself with the right people. We all remember having that great ideas and we talked to certain friends that we consider to be our good friend and they give you all the reasoning why we are not strong to work on that goal. Start with the right people in your life, they will make dreams in to your reality.

When you come to the place of asking yourself, why my own reality? Passion I will say, that is my drive. I rather take the time to get to know me and the potential lies with in me.

Please share any ideas and method that has worked or what is working for you.



Aye Tonia



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