Okra, Kittely and Red Palm Oil Soup (Okra Soup)

2 cups Kittely (steamed or already cooked)
6 lbs. of okra
2 Medium Onions
1 Cup Red Palm Oil
Salt and pepper
6-10 singles Habanero Peppers
Mix Herds seasoning
1 (10g) bullion Maggie cube

6lbs Goat meat (bone in and skin on)
2 lbs. Fish (Salmon fish, frozen package was my choice)

When it comes to Liberian meals, most of the meats prepare in soups are personal choice. You will notice eating a certain meal, a regular soup and bite on a different kind of fish or meat. This theory why we use different kind of meats and fish in our meals I cannot explain expect that it tastes way better then boring chicken in everything and every day.
Notice that all the meats I choice in this soup attentive cooking time, so here we go.


Salmon Fish
First take fish out of package as directed from the package; place it in a cooking pan add seasoning of your choice, half squeeze lemon or lime juice, salt and pepper for taste. Now drizzle with olive and steam for about ten to 15 minutes on medium heat and set aside.

Goat Meat
First wash goat meat and place it in the pot that you will be cooking the entire in. now in a blender, blend one onion, a piece of ginger, one squeeze lime juice, few garlic and some habanero peppers about 3 counted, then pour it over the meat and mix with some salt and place on high heat on the stove. As the meat start to boil add more water to cover meat and cook. keep Cooking goat meat for about 2-3 hours. Taste meat to check tenderness of meat. Add more water as needed and you might cook goat meat up to three hours for the right tenderness.

As the goat meat is boiling and cooking to get soften, start cutting the okra.
Okra preparation:
First remove okra from the plastic package and wash with water. Now place the okra in a bowl. Next get another bowl to place cut okra in.
To cut the okra, you can use a cutting board and knife to cut the same size as shown in the photo or slice it as thin as ¼ inches diameter; When you are all done cutting and slicing the okras, Set aside. Now measure two cups kettely and slightly beat it and set aside. ( I get my kettely veggies from a local farmer market at the end of the summer season. I seamed the kettely and store in the freezer during the winter months.)
Next in a blender; blend in one onion and three habaneros peppers with water.
Now monitor the goat meat to see if it texture is as soft as you like. When the goat meat is cooked (you can tell the goat meat is soft enough, when you can easily pull it apart with from the bone in the goat meat). Make sure there are some liquid left in the pot you are cooking the goat meat in. Now add the cut okras, the kettely and the blended onion mixture and stir. As the mixture soup start to boil, add about two cuts of water to the boiling soup as needed. Now add the spices, add two teaspoons salt (As needed), one Maggie cube (10g per amount or about two small ones. also I used shrimp flavor that was my choice) and some garlic salt for flavor. Now taste; continue cooking soup for about 25 minutes on medium heat.  Now add the steamed fish. Notice the liquid in the soup is about reducing. Now taste again for the texture of the okra to see if it cooked well and taste for seasoning balance in soup. Now add the red palm oil to the cooking soup and stir a few time about three four strokes. Let the oil slowly make it way in the soup as it is cooking. At this time, you can reduce the heat as you are cooking for about 10-15 minutes and keep stirring every 3 minutes. You will notice soup start to thicken up. As this time, turn of the heat.
Serve this okra soup with cooked rice of your choice or Fufu.

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