Okra, Kittely and Red Palm Oil Soup (Okra Soup)

Aye Tonia

2 cups Kittely (steamed or already cooked)
6 lbs. of okra
2 Medium Onions
1 Cup Red Palm Oil
Salt and pepper
6-10 singles Habanero Peppers
Mix Herds seasoning
1 (10g) bullion Maggie cube

6lbs Goat meat (bone in and skin on)
2 lbs. Fish (Salmon fish, frozen package was my choice)

When it comes to Liberian meals, most of the meats prepare in soups are personal choice. You will notice eating a certain meal, a regular soup and bite on a different kind of fish or meat. This theory why we use different kind of meats and fish in our meals I cannot explain expect that it tastes way better then boring chicken in everything and every day.
Notice that all the meats I choice in this soup attentive cooking time, so here we go.


Salmon Fish
First take fish out of package as directed from…

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