First Time Home Buyer Reality

I been thinking about that statement years ago when one of my economics professor stated a reasoning “I am not owning a home! I don’t want a lawn mower.” He related this statement in this way because, he didn’t wanted government to have some control on his property and he illustrated to us as consumers will be spending unnecessary money paying to cut grass that should be growing freely in our yard. As a home owner, I considered his statement as I was formulating my decisions to buy a house. Such as, how will it affect me? Right now am sitting here in my room contemplating what lawn mower to buy as a first time home owner. “I did it” I tell myself; I just believe I did it legally too. I Tonia a home owner. In the past few days I have been moving, slowly transitioning in to my house; am happy, am at excite, am overwhelm, my cash on hand it tight. I am doing the numbers game in my head as am lifting boxes. Am feeling the sweat as I am doing all this lifting and carrying. At one point in my new house I sit on the floor, balancing my back on the wall to support my body as I sit. I sit there quietly eating some beans and rice, which is my go to meal when am on a budget. I remember in college that was my survival meal. The thought finally come to my head that I am a home owner. As I look at those walls around me the newly painted walls, painted a soft yellow colors and forest green as I move my eyes to the floors seeing the fresh new nature brown carpeting. As I lift my head up I noticed the flowing sunlight, from the windows, then I realize all of this came from a thought process and the vision I have for myself. I continue to sit there quietly eating as I look out the window I saw my neighbors celebrating memory day BBQ, as I watch the cars passing on the street that I was now part of.

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