My Early Morning rides to St. Paul, Downtown.

My Early Morning rides to St. Paul, Downtown.


It started out in the last few days going in to this month; my car has been acting out; Like a caring and concerning person I am, with experience of dealing with old cars. I took it in for checkup. My choices for transportation lies with the fact that I have to ask my friend for a ride, do my best to take the bus, call Uber, taxi. Etc. so I decided to take the bus to get home that night and early morning.  I choose to ride the bus downtown St. Paul to connect to buses services to get to work.  For me I have no shame taking the bus; when I lived in the city that I went to high school, buses and city trolleys were my main transportation for work and getting around the city.  As I enter the bus I noticed brown hair, red hair, braided hair, stylish jeans. I could smell the scent of strong cigarettes, marijuana smell from the guy am sitting next to. I could see school age teenagers studying as if they have a test schedule that morning. A guy sits right behind me I could hear him saying slowing on the phone “This is the best day ever” it seems to me it was his girlfriend. There was an older gentleman sitting in the front with all white gray hair, attentively focus reading a book. As I sit there begin to read too, I notice mostly everyone on the bus were on their cellphone engaging in social media connection.  I sighted to myself that it was early morning and people where just catching up on their phone from the night before I think to myself. Now it was time for me to connect to my second bus. Walking across the street I noticed people who appears to work downtown St. Paul were well dressed in suits and some appears to be Wearing jean, as I noted it was Friday.  I noticed the sky stripper building as the sun made it on the building and into those office windows. I noticed planted flowers and steam from gutters in the concretes underground. The streets were quiet and stores appears to be close this time of the morning. This time on my second bus I was one of the first one to sit on this connecting bus. So I quickly got a nice seat, to be comfortable to write before everyone else came in. as I was sitting I noticed a girl my age group, entering the bus with heavy eyes liner as she talked on the phone, at first I could not recognize the language she was speaking then I hear her say thank you in French but appears to sound a little Swahili. This is a language am a little familiar with, due to the ancestry race of my kids. I exited the bus taking away all these separate memories. Like the one I left when I once ride the buses myself on a regular basis in high school, college and when I lived in Philly.  My regular source of transportation back then I remember waking up extra hours just to make it to work on time, my goal for that day to make it to my destination was achieved because I took the bus there. Like on this day I too took the bus again to get to my destination.


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