Hot Peppers Sauce


Hot Peppers Sauce


2 cups boil Habanero Peppers

1 Onion, medium size

1 Smoke Fish

2 Garlic

½ Teaspoon salt

1Tabblespoon sugar

3 Tablespoon oil

The peppers should be about 2 cup in measurement when already boiled, boil peppers for about 15 minutes. Next in a blender place peppers, onion, garlic and take out the bone out of smoke fish and add it to the ingredient in the blender. Add a little peppers liquid and blend ingredient until its appear well mix and chunky. Now place oil in a pot or sauce pan heat until hot and add pepper mixture to the oil and stir. Now add salt and sugar to the mixture and cook for 30 minutes on high heat. Continue to stir peppers often as you are cooking it on high heat. Adjust cooking temperature as need. Cooked sauce mixture until most to all the liquid evaporate. It should look like the pictures. Allow peppers to cool down and place in jar and store in the fridge and apply to meals as needed. This hot peppers sauce can be store in the fridge for about four months.

This sauce can be use as hot sauce to add to meals you like to spice it up.

One of thing I notice when I was looking; I did not have to use too much spices to add to this sauce the fish itself have flavoring taste and character to lift up the peppers in this sauce.

Tip: Be mindful peppers will smell strong, keep vent fan on high to get rid of smell. Next you don’t need to add Meggie cube

salt and sugar can be a prefer seasoning to add to spice. If you don’t want to use seasoning that have MSG in them.

Next be mindful smoke fish is salty, so you don’t need to add so much salt. For best lifespan of sauce use clean spoon when serving.

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