Hot Peppers Sauce!

Well if you are from Liberia, am pretty sure you are familiar with the family legend story that “Bassa” (part of the Liberian tribes in Liberia/West Africa) people sold part of their land for “Smoke Fish” as I was preparing this sauce it brought me back to my place of birth. After the 1990 Liberia civil war in Liberia my family settle on the hills at capital bypass living in gorgeous home looking down the “Jallah Town River”; not too far from “Jallah Towm”and “Bassa Community”, as I go about my day as a little girl living in that area. I will hear adults in conversation repeatedly start out their conversation with this attention getter “Did you know Bassa Man sold part of their land for smoke fish? “They even say that this fish smell is so rich in aroma that once the “Bassa Man” smelled this peace of fish; they were so fast to exchange in sale. My point is; I choose to make this sauce with “Smoke fish” this is something that is close to my heart. I imagine the scene, the environment I live in when I was living in Liberia, I can picture the meals my family prep with this fish. My Grandmother will prep her signature “Dry Rice” with this fish; which most Liberian families prep this meal with. “Dry Rice” as a breakfast dish in the morning. I remember taking turns Prepping meals this meal too. (I will post this dry rice recipes coming up soon) As I was prepping this meal it brought my memories back to certain food and what it means to me and the place it holds in my life.

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