Cold Girl-selfish, not I “EX”

Cold Girl-selfish, not I “EX” mark the spot, you can also spot the arrow in the “X” in ex now there is the reason to go back to an Ex-lover that took the “X” apart and turn it into “we are never getting back together again.” I am now in a developing relationship and one of my “EX” from almost three years ago contacted me quote “We should complete what we started back then.” All I want to say is good luck. This one you are going to be the only one in it. For me my take away is how I handled it. I scheduled a place to meet as requested by my “ex-boy.” I felt like I was at a place in my mind where I could speak and get my point across without shouting and feeling defenseless.  As we sit across each other “breaking bread” and conversing about our current live and passed live I plainly spoke those a words cross the table “I think we are better of where we at.”  I can speak clearly and sit across the table with an “EX Boyfriend” to top it I can “break bread” with an “EX” let just leave it like that.  XOXO Aye Tonia

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