Cauliflowers, Wild Rice and Mushroom Casserole

As for me, I grew up eating rice on a daily basis. I have no problem maintaining that taste in my mouth; is just that am in this beautiful country,  people  share millions of recipes from around the world. Food is an essential part of this country. Like an immigrant myself I came to form... Continue Reading →

"When I had a great idea, I talked to the next great person I could see in my environment; that had similar goals as me. that is the reasoning I surrender myself with great people." ----Tonia Youboty---

Spring indoor with my kids

This Sunday my wonderful daughter, thought it was the best idea to make flowers center pieces for our apartment. My kids went flowers picking.  They collected spring trees pollinating flowering plants and dandelion plant. I encourage her to take pictures and set it up at her best. This is something I regularly do around this... Continue Reading →

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